Miss you

Sometimes when I think of you
It starts raining everywhere
On the earth, in my heart and in my eyes
I can cry the whole day and night long
But I don't
Cause I know it wasn't your choise

Some days when I think of you
People laugh at me like always
And deep inside my soul I'm just dieing
And no one can see it
But I'm still not dieing
Cause I know you safed me for a reason

Some nights when I think of you
It's darker as usual
I'm afraid I won't find my light
But I ain't
Cause I know you are still with me

Some days when I think of you
I keep hearing your words to me
How they let me feel like I'm in heaven
But I ain't
Cause my heaven is closed now

Sometimes when I think of you
I don't know how to feel
Cause you took my heart with you
Keep it safe,cause it can break so easy
You left me alone in this cold world
And I know that I shouldn't hope for rebirthing

But I'm just a little girl
And this little girl is getting older and hard
But deep inside I'm so weak
And you are the only one who knows these things of me
Please don't tell me your goodbye
Cause I think I can't handle it for long
Please don't say you're sorry
Cause it wasn't your choise

I miss you so bad
And there are no words to tell it
Everything I write about you and me
Is so bad,so sad,so wrong
But I don't care if we were wrong
Cause it felt so good
I don't regret anything
And I still love you like I always did

The only diffrent is
That I don't have your heart or soul anymore
God or who ever stole it
And I'm so angry
Cause I can't steal it back
You are gone and I have to let you go
But when I think back of our times together
I scream to God that I can't let you go
You are my angel,my heaven
And where am I now?
In Hell?

Everything's diffrent without you
This doesn't feels like my home anymore
You were my home,the place I loved so much
Now I am living without you
But it feels like I'm dead

I really loved you and I really miss you
I miss every day we had
From the little things like holding hands or just even look in our eyes
From the funny days with G. to the night we cried together
I forgive everything you did wrong
But in real,I never could be angry at you
I know you feel guilty,but please don't
I feel guilty too,cause I watched you die
And I couldn't help you

I still cry my heart out if I think back at your eyes
I'll never sleep well
I miss you so bad
Please don't go away
I need you to survive my hell
Please unlock heaven and take me with you
I just can't wake up without thinking about you
I loved every day with you

I was so happy,even if there were problems
Cause we did it together
Please,my babyboy,don't cry anymore
I know it wasn't easy for you
We all come to a fight we can't win
And that was your last fight and mine too

I'm so sorry I had to let you go
Now you are in my heart
And under the ground
But your heart will always be in my chest
Even if someone will break me down
I'll never let you go

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